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Lifebushido creates business, creative, and social entrepreneurial ventures to help everyone focus on their unique talents.

Lifebushido was started in 2006 by visionary entrepreneur, Steve Kantor, after he built and sold his Gnossos Software business to Vocus.  His focus now is on building a global network of people working part-time from home with flexible hours using their unique talents.  Lifebushido’s current ventures include Best Agent Business, Orange Passion, Goalbushido, Bookbushido, Lessonsbushido, and Billion Dollar Agent.  We operate globally through virtual networks of people utilizing their unique talents to achieve common goals.

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We have a part-time staff of over 100 people who were hired from over 1,700 job applicants over the past three years.

We are actively seeking to create and nurture business, creative, or social entrepreneur ventures.

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