FAQs About the Lifebushido MBA Virtual Internship

Work With a Global Network
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•What could I contribute to Lifebushido?
We believe in the wisdom of crowds, crowdsourcing, and serendipity. Your unique talents can help us achieve our goal of launching multiple microventures in ten weeks.
•What kind of skills are you looking for?
We are searching for interns with a passion for entrepreneurship and a desire to start their own business. Our primary need is for skills such as marketing, sales, technology, social media, business model development, operations, and client relations.
•Who will be participating as interns?
Our global effort includes MBA students from the USA and India, and will likely have other countries soon. Our focus is MBA Year 1 students but we are open to serious undergraduate entrepreneurs, Year 2 MBA students and MBA graduates.

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Quick Microventures

For incredibly motivated and fast-moving MBA students, Lifebushido also offers a Quick Microventure internship of compressing the part-time ten hours a week for ten weeks into 100 hours of effort in ten days, about ten hours per day.  Steve Kantor, founder and president of Lifebushido, will personally provide daily feedback and mentorship after each daily kaizen of ten hours on the microventure.  See www.lifebushido.com for more information about this visionary company.